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Wonders of the Savannah

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Waiting all day long in the scorching heat, I stood like a statue with my hands wide open to embrace the stunning view that had captured my eyes, my heart, and my soul. As far as my eyes could see, I saw vast woodlands full of varieties of trees-tall, short, fat and thin- and a number of different species of birds swooped and swirled in the sky rejoicing in the culmination of yet another beautiful day.

It was 5 O’clock and it began to get cooler. Dancing birds all returned home and all I could hear was the melodious voices of the graceful birds still rejoicing and the waters singing giving them harmony. The sky was beginning to show its real colours. The bright blue sky that was showing off to the calm serene lake was now breaking apart. The sun had cracked open and the round ball of fire that had been craving to come out of its cage was now cooling down. The sun had given up. Its day was over and it had been defeated.

The sky seemed like a magnificent piece of canvas on which strokes of different shades of blue, red, yellow and purple had been randomly splashed on. The purple and blues slowly overtook the bright happy colours of red and orange. The yellow ball of fire changed to hues of orange, and then almost tangerine. The turquoise blue waters that cut across the land was an exquisite form of Mother Nature’s painting. It slithered and snaked around obstacles effortlessly thus making the gloomy black pebbles get an illuminated cluster.

As the great migration of the colossal African elephants began, herds of elephants silhouetted against the orange sky. However, the silhouette that seemed to be fleeting too soon was worth the while. Protective mothers shielded their curious calves as they tried escaping from their mothers’ guard.

Hungry lions cunningly planned their ambush as they spread across the hunting ground. Their round fiery yellow eyes pinned on their prey; the wild enormous buffaloes grazing in the distance. A pride of fifteen out of which nine were females shrewdly camouflage in the long burnt grass as they planned the hunt. Each one slowly and steadily crept through long was quieter than the graveyard where the hungry hyenas hid their food.

Cutting through the blanket of clouds, which hung from the sky like cotton candies that blushed at the warm touch of the sun, eagles, falcons and other birds swooped and circled the sky as the scavengers waited for the fearsome lions to finish their feast, creating a picturesque scenery.

The bright beautiful colours that were painting the colossal magnificent canvas were also painting a bundle of beautiful memories in my heart. I had never felt so peaceful before. I knew I was never going to forget this moment in my entire life.

My father once told me while pointing to one of earth’s most magnificent creations, “Son, see those bright happy colours? They symbolise the good tomorrow will bring. Just as a sunset ends every day beautifully, they also prove that no matter what, everyday can end beautifully. I wanted to tell him that soon those colours will be hidden within the black despair of night, a symbol of the suffering that tomorrow is going to bring. Instead I stay silent.”

I couldn't stop observing the natural beauty that laid in front of my bare eyes. The red and yellow ombre is now bidding its last goodbye to the golden sky.

When dusk had set foot on the endless savannah, families of huge meaty hippos stumbled out of the dusty waters that were covered in their faeces.

On one side, I could see the silver stained moon slowly emerging out into the sky as the ball of fire took it’s time to slowly dip into the huge water body that sat still ready to feast on the sun that had given up for the day. The sun was half into the water, but its reflection in the river made it look complete. The beautiful canvas slowly grew dim and dark with just a little radiance added by the silver stained moon.

Photo credits: | @roni_photography85

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