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Places to visit in Tanzania

The heart of Africa, Tanzania, is home to some of the most famous national parks and natural attractions, beaches and many more other places. This majestic country is home to a variety of destinations that must be on your ‘places to visit’ list:

  1. SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK - It is the second largest national park in Tanzania and home to millions of animals that either live or pass through these endless plains. The Serengeti has a variety of activities and accommodation options that cater to the needs of all individuals.

  2. MOUNT KILIMANJARO - the beautiful snow- capped mountain is Africa’s highest peak. It is visited by many people around the world who climb with the goal to reach the summit. It is also a World Heritage Site whose highest point is one of the Seven Summits of the World. The slopes of the mountain are home to a variety of animals.

  3. ZANZIBAR - known for its beautiful beaches, one of the major holiday destinations of Tanzania is the island of Zanzibar. It is also home to the historic city of Stone Town known for the Arabian townhouses, narrow alleyways and the ports.

  4. LAKE MANYARA NATIONAL PARK - this park comprises forest, woodland, grasslands and swamps. It is home to the thousands of flamingos that cover the waters, large population of elephants, tree climbing lions and the largest concentration of baboons in the world. It also offers a variety of activities like Wildlife drives, canoeing (when water levels are high enough), mountain bike tours and bird watching.

  5. MAFIA ISLAND - the marine park has coral gardens, a large variety of fish, diving activities, countless birds and an undersea world. It is known for deep - sea fishing.

  6. NGORONGORO CONSERVATION AREA - It is home to the famous dormant volcanic crater and the wide variety of animals. Thousands of animals can be seen on the crater floor, including lions, elephants, rhinos, Thomson's gazelles, and buffaloes, but wildebeests and zebras account for over half of the animals that call the Ngorongoro Crater home.

  7. OLDUVAI GORGE - The gorge takes its name from the Maasai word Oldupai which means "the place of the wild sisal" as the East African wild sisal grows abundantly throughout the gorge area. This archeological site holds many ancient skull and bone fragments and more evidence that proves the existence of mankind.

  8. LAKE VICTORIA - This largest freshwater lake in Africa is shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is the source of the White Nile. This lake has become a source of income for many; bird watching, fishing and boating are some of the activities on the shore of the lake.

  9. LAKE NATRON - Because of its high pH levels, chemical makeup and heavy evaporation, the waters of Lake Natron look dark red in colour. Because of the high water temperature, there aren't many animals around or in Lake Natron.

Among the many mentioned, Tanzania is adorned with numerous destinations that are famous for their unique features. Tanzania is full of beautiful places to visit and they are all as amazing as the others.

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