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Hyenas - Whoops, Giggles and Groans

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The hyenas crawled noisily with a devilish smile spread across their small pointed face, spying the plains for another meal. They looked overhead, eyeing for vultures, because where there are vultures, you will find a dead animal. The hyenas were bloodthirsty, ravenous, and they weren’t looking for a small snack of snakes or termites, they wanted to feast on a generous chunk of flesh and blood. 

The maligned hyenas walked in a single file, led by the bravest alpha hyena, a female that knew only two things; protecting her cubs, and getting food for her clan. She piloted her clan through the endless plains until they finally found what they were looking for; a meal.

They saw six lions in the near distance, munching on a dead zebra. The alpha hyena let out an inane laugh, and then led her clan mates into their territory. They hysterically laughed, running around in excitement, closing in on the lions, but they didn’t dare to get too close. They wanted food, not to become food themselves. They slowly circled the group of lions, staring at the food and drooling, wanting to eat right away, but the lions were in no mood to share yet. The hyenas sat down, lied down patiently waiting, glaring at the zebra. 

The lions ate, and then, they left. The hyenas pranced up, and poised, ready to scavenge on their leftovers. They let out another hysterical cry, and then, the alpha hyena moved in closer to the pile of bones and flesh that lay on the golden grass of the savannah, under the orange skies of the Serengeti. She took a bite and the rest of her clanmates rushed in closer in an obscene manner, and they dug into the flesh, and devoured the lion’s prey.

5 facts about the Hyena:

  • Scientific name is Crocuta crocuta.

  • They rarely hunt and usually scavenge and eat leftovers.

  • People in Kenya and Tanzania leave their dead to be consumed by the hyenas.

  • They have good hearing and sharp eyesight at night.

  • They are closely related to cats.

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