Southern Tanzania


The northern circuits being highly popular however, the southern parks of the Selous and Ruaha are worth visiting, particularly for those heading for something different and rare, some of Tanzania's untouched beauties!


The south is still the frontier parks and are noticeably less busier than the northern parks of Tanzania. The Selous Game Reserve , has 8 camps located internally, and with the majority sitting on the banks of the mighty Rufiji River, the game viewing is never a regret when visiting the reserve. The parks being quiet allow manifestation of undisturbed wildlife which is rare to witness.


Similarly, Ruaha National Park, highlighted for its large cape buffalo and magnificent lion populations, is one of the least visited parks in Africa with approximately 6 camps operating within the boundaries of the park.

A highlighting benefit is that, when the northern safaris are limited to vehicle based safaris, the southern parks offer a more varied, and fuller safari experience, offering to walk, boat and drive. The range of species that can be seen here is similar to that of the Serengeti with lions, leopard, elephant, hippo, crocodile, wildebeest, impala aplenty, with the addition of the incredible African wild dog.

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