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Giraffes - A Journey of the Tallest

As the sun set behind the tall giraffes, their orange-brown blotches blended in with the bright oranges and yellows. Their dark eyes sparkled as they showed off their beautiful yellow and orange mosaic pattern that decorated their large tall bodies.

As they celebrated the end of another beautiful day, some feasting on the fresh green leaves and thorns and others on the branches and seeds of bushes, a young calf fell from its mother. Covered in her amniotic sac, she dropped on the lustrous grass; her fresh skin glistened as she sat in the spotlight of the remaining sun before it set completely. Her delicate and spindly limbs struggled to stand upright. Determined to stand, she tried several times before she fell flat and helplessly stared at her mother.

Her mother splayed her front legs and bent her long neck while she gently nudged her feeble new-born encouraging her and supporting her to stand up. With her mother beside her, she could do anything. With a few nudges and a few shaky steps, her daughter was as strong as the other calves that circled her in anticipation of playing with her.

With a sigh of contentment, she happily watched her daughter gracefully run across the grasslands of The Serengeti.

With her long neck stretched to the top of the acacia tree, she stood tall and proud besides her daughter, she joyfully imitated her mother while she enjoyed the juicy fruits and seeds.

She was yet to see the beauty of the Savannah from an angle nobody else could see from.

5 facts about the Giraffe:

  • Scientific name is Giraffa camelopardalis.

  • No two giraffes have the same pattern even though they may appear to be similar.

  • They stand to be around 14 to 19 feet.

  • They weigh around 1750 to 2800 pounds. (794 to 1270 kilograms)

  • Bulls battle with one another by hitting their long necks and heads against each other.

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