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Lions - pride of the Savannah

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The jungle is theirs. They rule the savannah. They are kings of the Serengeti.

Under the scorching sun of the picturesque savannah, the pride of large lazy lions hides under the acacia tree. Shying from the usual tourists that drool over the trifling antics of the tiny cubs, they playfully fight and bite while the lionesses laze around in the tall grass; one eye on their mischievous children and one skimming through the grasslands.

Their giant paws, large golden-brown manes, powerful muscles and sharp teeth that drip with the blood of anything that comes in between create large imprints and pictures into the minds of anyone they come across. The afternoon sun is their alarm; slowly striding into their lairs, their large stomachs bulge out, and their heavy bodies create even deeper imprints of their huge paws into the hard grounds.

Each morning, before the wake of the sun, they slyly ambush their next prey and feast on it before anyone knows. As the round ball of fire gradually rises, they relax and lie around twitching their erect ears and broad noses as tiny flies tease and annoy them. With their stomachs filled and the sun above their heads, they cross their golden paws before their snouts and hurl into large balls of meat.

Out of nowhere, they yawn and throw themselves onto the tall brown grass. They camouflage.

Photo credits: matphotography.333

5 Facts about the Lions:

  • Scientific name is Panthera leo.

  • They are the only cats that live in groups called prides.

  • The females are the primary hunters and leaders whereas the males defend the pride’s territory.

  • Lions mark their territory with their urine.

  • A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles (8km) away.

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