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Leopards - The tree dwellers

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

As sly and as secret as they can be, the leopard rested atop the acacia tree that stood between the tall burnt grass in the middle of the vast Savannah. Camouflaged, she patiently waited for the perfect time to pounce on the lone gazelle that wandered the grasslands in search for a safe place.

No place was safe for a newborn calf that parted from its mother.

Hidden and concealed between the bright green leaves, she gradually tiptoed into the right position before she was able to jump. Alert; the calf knew something was up.

Before the gazelle could think of what to do, it was too late; her carcass was hanging from the highest branch of the tree. Hyenas creeped and circled the tree as they sniffed the blood that slowly dripped from the neck of the feeble prey.

The leopard stared at the fat hyenas that slyly laughed while they paced by and continued munching on her meal.

5 facts about the leopard:

  • Scientific name is Panthera pardus.

  • Leopards are strong swimmers unlike lions and cheetahs.

  • They drag their kills up into trees to protect it from hyenas.

  • Cubs live with their mother for two years; usually leopards live alone.

  • They can hunt from high up in trees.

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