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Crocodiles - Masters of the Death Roll

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The large reptile lay dormant in the water, silently moving in the deep waters of the river. Her body lay half submerged in the water; her long snout floating above the water while her green, sharp eyes scanned the waters for any prey, or potential dangers. Time to time she came out onto the land, warming up her large, broad body that was covered with thick, leathery skin and bony scales, as she slyly kept an eye out for any predators that lurked around her eggs.

She waited for the right moment to arrive, she waited for her prey to walk towards her, to walk right into her trap. She lurked in the waters, pretending to be a large log that was making its way down the river, and then, a monitor lizard appeared and crawled into her domain; it had made the biggest mistake of its life - it was attempting to steal and eat the crocodile’s eggs. The crocodile took one look at the lizard, and readied herself; she was ready to take it down.

She swam slowly across the current of the river, silently, towards her prey. Her eyes were locked onto her target. She moved fast towards the bank, moving in for the kill. With one snap of her sharp teeth, she jabbed at the lizard, her big coned teeth locked into the scales of the lizard. The lizard was dumbstruck. It hadn’t seen this coming. It spasmed violently, attempting to escape the jaws of death, but all in vain - its body was wedged in her jaws. The crocodile was too strong. She rolled round and round in a manner such that the lizard could not escape her hold. There was a crunching sound of the lizard’s bones, and the waters turned red. The crocodile watched as the blood oozed out of the lizards scales, and then, when it stopped convulsing, the crocodile let go.

Nobody touches her eggs. Nobody.

5 facts about the crocodile:

  • Scientific name is Crocodylus niloticus.

  • Known to be man-eaters.

  • Can be upto 20 feet. (6m)

  • Can weigh upto 1650 pounds. (748kg)

  • They can eat upto half of their body weight.

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