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Buffaloes - Guardians of the Savannah

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

With the beginning of the rains in the Savannah, the herd of buffaloes spread across the vast greenlands. They spread out further than the eye can see but stick together following the same route they do every year. Munching on fresh green leaves is their sole motive in life. With their horns curled up and their tiny marble eyes searching through the thick bushes; no predator dares to come close.

As the rains cover the rough roads and transform them from sand to thick chocolate like mud, the large mammals gradually plod into the big pools of dirt before drowning their immense bodies for hours into the cool sludge. Cars rush by, zebras stop, stare and continue their journey but nothing affects them. They lay calm and composed in the mud, snorting away, until they sense any danger lurking around their calves.

Nothing comes between them and their herd.

5 facts about the African Buffalo:

  • Scientific name is Syncerus caffer.

  • They weigh between 660 to 1840 pounds. (299 to 835kg)

  • They are differentiated by their colour, size and horn shape.

  • They cover themselves in mud to get rid of ticks and insects from their skin.

  • Birds that sit on the back of the buffalo eat the lice and fleas.

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